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About us

Guizhou Vilong Equipment Co,.Ltd is specialized in design, production and sales of all kinds of diamond coring, DTH and rotary drilling equipments from 2009, we are one of CN's leading supplier and exporter of rock drilling tools for mineral exploration, water well and blast hole drilling. At beginning of 2009, we made a series of drag bits for one of our customer from Europe, after that, we expanded our business to all water well and mineral exploration drilling field by cooperating with several leading manufacturers of this field in China. Currently our major products include diamond impregnated core bits, surface set diamond core bits, reaming shell, core barrel, wireline drill rods, casing and casing shoe etc diamond core drilling tools; DTH hammer, DTH bits, DTH drill rods etc DTH drilling tools; DTH drill rigs, Water well drill rigs, tricone rock bits, drag bits, PDC bits etc drill strings consumables applicable for mining, geotechnical exploration and water well etc drilling jobs.

Guizhou Vilong Equipment Co,.Ltd is dedicated to providing you the most reliable and cost effective products with best services to resolve your construction challenges. Whatever rock drilling related equipments you need, we would always do our best to provide you "one stop shop" services to meet all your requirements. All Vilong products implement ISO9001 standard, which are widely used in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Peru, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania etc 46 countries and regions all over the world; we don't expect to be the best, but wish to be one of your most reliable and intimate drilling partner in this field.




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