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Safe drilling DTH


– Only operate the controls while the engine is running.Proper PPE must be worn when you are operating the drill rig and the hammer.

– Before you move the drill rig with the hammer, ensure that no one will be endangered.

– Do­not­go­close­to­the­edge­of­a­cliff,­an­excavationor an overhang.

– Maintain control of the drill rig while you operate the dth hammer. Operating the equipment beyond its design limits can cause damage to people or equipment.

– Know the maximum operating dimensions of your drill rig when the hammer is installed.

– Ensure that there is adequate clearance between the drill rig and any stationary objects when you are maneuvering the machine.

– Know the appropriate work site hand signals, and the personnel who are authorized to give these hand signals.


The hammer must never be operated by anyone who is intoxicated, tired or feeling unwell in any way. Only operated by trained professional.

Use of the hammer in an explosive atmosphere (gasoline fumes, coal dust, etc.) is strictly prohibited. The dth bit that is in contact with the material that is to be broken can create sparks, which could ignite an explosive atmosphere.


It is important to read through the safety procedures in the operator’s manual before assembling or disassembling the hammer. During disassembly, heavy parts may fall out of the hammer. Always keep the hammer in the correct position to avoid this. Use a proper assembly stand to avoid the falling­ over or rolling ­over of either the hammer or its parts. Always use tongs with jaws that place a uniform load on the outside diameter of the hammer. Never grip the hammer with pipe wrenches or wrenches that can deform and damage it. Always place tongs on the body of the bit, not on the carbides. Do not apply heat of any kind to the piston case in order to remove the driver sub or the top sub.


Never allow a hammer and bit to remain overnight in a hole that contains water or mud. The corrosive action caused by these conditions can seriously damage the hammer. Observe the following points when storing the hammer. They will help its components stay protected from rust, and ensure that it is always ready to be used, whenever necessary.

– Disassemble the hammer completely.

– Thoroughly clean and repair all of its components.

– Reassemble the hammer immediately, keeping joints loose.

– Coat the entire inside diameter of the hammer with a ­light ­film­ of ­rock­ drill­ oil.­ Coat ­all­ of­ the­ threads ­with thread grease. Install thread protectors.

– Seal each end of the hammer to keep it free from dirt and dust.

– Always store the hammer in a suitable protective container, in a dry location.

– Grease the bit shank.

– Place a protective cover on top of the bit to prevent foot valve breakage.

– Always store the bit in a dry location.

– Before storing the hammer overnight or over a weekend, clean it by blowing lubricated air through the system, and insert rock drill oil into the top sub. Push the check valve dart open with a rounded­-end drift pin, to ensure the inlet of oil to the hammer



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