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Guizhou Vilong Equipment Co,.Ltd warrants each new product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 180 days from the date of shipping and agrees only to repair, replace, or give credit. At no time will any cash refund be remitted to resolve a warranty claim. Defects caused by improper use or application shall not be considered defects within the scope of the foregoing warranty. The manufacturer shall be relieved of any responsibilities for fulfillment of this warranty if any repairs, modifications or alterations are made to the product, the manufacturer shall also be relieved of responsibilities for fulfillment of this warranty if improper use, lack of lubrication, or incorrect maintenance are made on or used with the products.


Under no circumstance shall manufacturer be reliable for any consequential or special damage which any person, firm, corporation, or other entity may to suffer or incur or claim to incur as a result of any defect in product or in any correction or alteration thereof made or furnished by the manufacturer. “ Consequential” or “Special” damages as used herein includes but is not limited to costs of transportation, lost profits, lost income, increased overhead labor and material costs, and costs of manufacturing variances and operational inefficiencies.


The maximum liability of the manufacturer under the exclusive warranty set forth herein shall be the amount paid to Guizhou Vilong Equipment Co,.Ltd by the customer, for the component specified.


A.      Any warranty claim must be submitted in writing to the manufacturer within 180 days from shipping date;

B.      Any warranty claim will be resolved when:

a)       Detailed photos or videos are sent to the manufacturer with date purchased and the information required under item b) as below. (Note: All products where a warranty claim is pending are required to be kept by claimers until the manufacturer makes a full disposition of the claim. The manufacturer reserves the option to have the products returned in the event the photos are inconclusive in resolving the claim.)

b)       The distributor or end user is to advise the manufacturer of the problem with the products including the footage the product drilled, air pressure, rock formation and drilling location. On bits the diameter over the gauge row must be given along with the width across the flats on gauge row buttons. In addition the claimer is requested to offer other pertinent information useful in analyzing the claim.

c)       Once the claim is approved by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will offer new products, specific spare parts or issue a credit of up to a maximum of the amount paid to the manufacturer by claimer. Guizhou Vilong Equipment Co,.Ltd reserves the right of final determination of any credit to be issued.



A. For any size of DTH hammer before 2/3 life time, If out tubes, piston or back end subs break, the manufacturer offer new spare parts for replacement. For other typical consumables like chucks, O rings, the users need to prepare necessary quantities for daily usage.

B. For any new DTH hammer, if not working, the manufacturer is responsible for repair or help users to resolve; the manufacturer is responsible for replacement if users have enough proof to prove the DTH hammer have vital defects.

C. For any DTH hammer under incorrect operation, including but is not limited to lack of lubrication, exceeding highest working pressure etc, the manufacturer disclaims any warranties.


A. For any DTH button bit before 2/3 life time, if the shanks or bits bodies break or crush, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing new one or issue credit.

B. For all spherical button bit, before 1/2 life time, if half or more than half of total buttons quantity break or drop off from the button bit, the manufacturer is responsible for replacing new one or issue credit;

C. Manufacturer does not warranty carbide breakage of “ballistic” style buttons. Additionally, manufacturer will not warranty any damage caused by this breakage.

D.      DTH drill bits with oversize heads, per the following are not covered by warranty.

  • a. DTH Bit over 4 inches head diameter on a 3 inches series of hammer.
  • b. DTH Bits over 5 inches head diameter on a 4 inches series of hammer.
  • c. DTH Bits over 6 inches head diameter on a 5 inches series of hammer.
  • d. DTH Bits over 7 inches head diameter on a 6 inches series of hammer.
  • e. DTH Bits over 10 inches head diameter on a 8 inches series of hammer.


A. The manufacturer is responsible for replacement if DTH drill rod thread is not standard.

B. The manufacturer is responsible for replacement if DTH drill rod break before its 2/3 life time, but the manufacturer does not take its joint responsibilities due to rods breakages.

C. The manufacturer is responsible for replacement if DTH drill rod bends seriously under correct operation.

Any issues not mentioned in this warranty shall be settled through negotiation between the manufacturer and claimer.



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