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Safe drilling Exploration core drilling

l Keep hands and body clear of open rods while operating; practice extreme caution when operating in or near inclined holes or up holes. Always maintain a column of fluid in the drill rods to reduce the chance of uncontrolled descent of wireline tools or core.

l If you do not fully understand the equipment and how it operates, do not attempt to make adjustments or repairs.

l Use only qualified service technicians. Failure to do so could cause severe damage to the machine or the operator and may void your warranty.

l Always keep the work area clean.

l Do not exceed rated capacity of any piece of equipment.

l Ensure all the equipment and accessories fully comply with applicable local safety and health regulations.

l Never stand or walk with any part of your body in front of the rod string. Never look up the rod string. Keep open rod string as close to the floor as possible and stand to the side.

When the rods remain in an INCLINED HOLE:

n Remove the inner-tube assembly. Plug the rod string by attaching the water swivel or loading chamber.

n Move the rods as close to the floor as possible.

n If it is not possible to remove the inner-tube, pump the rods full of water with the water swivel still attached. Attach a visible WARNING TAG to alert the next shift or anyone approaching the drill that there is a Safety Hazard.

n Never use air pressure to pump the inner-tube assembly or overshot into a rod string.

n DO NOT attempt to stop the core with your hand when emptying the inner-tube. The core can be sharp or heavy and cause severe injury. If it is necessary to look in an inner-tube, always look down, never look up the tube.

n Never rotate the rod string with a joint between the drill chuck and the water swivel. The joint may become loose and unscrew the rod that is not held by the chuck jaws.

n When the core barrel is transported on an angle where the head assembly is lower than the bit and shell, the inner-tube assembly will unlatch and slide out of the outer-tube. To prevent the inner-tube assembly from sliding out, it is good practice to thread a sub into the locking coupling, or remove the inner-tube assembly from the outer-tube.



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