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Wireline coring system Q, Q3 and QTT difference

Wireline Q series of double tube coring systems are ideal for use in most drilling conditions and are available for application in standard DCDMA hole sizes as AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ.

Wireline Q3 series of triple tube coring systems consist of the same groups as the Q but utilize a third tube called an inner-tube liner or split tube. The liner is placed inside the inner-tube. Q3 systems enable integral core recovery when drilling coal, clay bearing, or highly fractured formations. The liner, or split tube, retains the core sample in its received state for easier loading into sample trays or for storage and subsequent presentation to the geologist. The Q3 system is only available in surface configurations and is available in NQ3, HQ3 and PQ3 sizes.

Wireline QTT series of coring system is similar to the Q3 system but includes a specialized core lifter case and bit. These components enable change in the water flow by creating a seal which routes water to the face of the bit, away from the inner-tube – further improving core recovery, available in NQTT, HQTT and PQTT sizes.

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